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The PSD95–nNOS interface
Experiments suggest that this interaction and subsequent NO production are critical for glutamate-induced p38 activation and the ensuing cell death, and demonstrate that the PSD95–nNOS interface provides a genuine possibility for design of neuroprotective drugs with increased selectivity. Expand
The PSD 95 – nNOS interface : a target for inhibition of excitotoxic p 38 stress-activated protein kinase activation and cell death
he stress-activated protein kinase p38 and nitric oxide (NO) are proposed downstream effectors of excitotoxic cell death. Although the postsynaptic density protein PSD95 can recruit theExpand
Targeting and purification of metabolically biotinylated baculovirus.
These vectors showed improved transduction when retargeted to transferrin, epidermal growth factor, and CD46 receptors overexpressed on rat glioma and human ovarian carcinoma cells and demonstrate the utility of metabolically biotinylated baculovirus for vector targeting and viral purification applications. Expand