Jenni Henderson

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The aim of this quasi-experimental study was to examine the effectiveness of group interpersonal therapy (IPT) in treating overweight patients with binge eating disorder who did not stop binge eating after 12 weeks of group cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Participants in this study were randomly allocated to either group CBT or to an assessment-only(More)
OBJECTIVE To test whether critical incident stress debriefing after childbirth reduces the incidence of postnatal psychological disorders. DESIGN Randomised single-blind controlled trial stratified for parity and delivery mode. SETTING Two large maternity hospitals in Perth. PARTICIPANTS 1745 women who delivered healthy term infants between April 1996(More)
OBJECTIVE The effects of standing, lifting and noise in low-risk, healthy pregnant women are uncertain. In the past, the heterogeneity of the populations studied, the limitations of the designs of the retrospective and case control studies, and a failure of some of the larger investigations to evaluate all the potential confounding variables has hampered(More)
This study compared the effectiveness of biofeedback on pubococcygeal muscle strengthening and simple urinary stress incontinence in older and younger women. Women aged 55 years and older and women younger than 55 years of age were taught Kegel exercises, using biofeedback, for the treatment of simple urinary stress incontinence. Eighty percent of the(More)
Lesions which sever different parts of precommissural or postcommissural fornix were compared to the effects of control lesions in several behavioral tasks. Spatial learning and avoidance was impaired by lesions of the descending columns, or by lesions which sever the precommissural communications passing to and from medial septum. Damage to precommissural(More)
The authors posed 2 questions in this randomized study of maintenance procedures in which participants were followed for 15 months after completion of a very-low-calorie diet: Would stimulus narrowing during the reintroduction of solid food, achieved by the use of prepackaged foods, improve weight losses and the maintenance of those losses as compared with(More)
Identical twins, 34-years-old at the time, developed abdominal pain of similar character while at a holiday resort. Both had drunk a greater amount of alcohol than usual, approximately eight 200-mL glasses of beer. The symptoms in one twin forced him to present to hospital where his plasma amylase level was found to be 2300 u/L. The other had the same(More)
For the client with multiple sclerosis (MS), urinary retention is a symptom that must be dealt with effectively because of the risk of life-threatening complications. Estimates of bladder involvement in these clients range as high as 73-90%. Intermittent clean self-catheterization (ICSC) is now being used by some clients with neurogenic bladder resulting(More)