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A Review on Flavonoid Apigenin: Dietary Intake, ADME, Antimicrobial Effects, and Interactions with Human Gut Microbiota
This review summarizes studies on antimicrobial effects of apigenin as well as what has been reported on apigen in and human gut microbiota.
Efficient production of dual recombinant adeno-associated viral vectors for factor VIII delivery.
Cotransfection of vector plasmids presents an efficient method for producing dual or multiple AAV vectors at significantly reduced cost and labor.
The effect of quercetin on genetic expression of the commensal gut microbes Bifidobacterium catenulatum, Enterococcus caccae and Ruminococcus gauvreauii.
The effect of quercetin on the growth and genetic expression of three different commensal gut bacteria was documented for the first time and provides insight into the interactions between genetic regulation and growth.
A Robust System for Production of Superabundant VP1 Recombinant AAV Vectors
An efficient and scalable suspension cell culture system for the production of rAAV vectors that exhibited improved transduction in vivo after intravitreal injection and the unique VP1 superabundant rAAv vectors produced in this new system.
Evaluation of the biological differences of canine and human factor VIII in gene delivery: implications in human hemophilia treatment
The results suggested that the cFVIII expression results in the canine model should be interpreted with caution as the cHC secreted more efficiently than hHC and cLC exhibited a more active and stable phenotype than hLC.
Probiotic Effects of Lactobacillus fermentum ZJUIDS06 and Lactobacillus plantarum ZY08 on Hypercholesteremic Golden Hamsters
  • Dongting Yang, Wentao Lyu, +5 authors D. Ren
  • Medicine
    Frontiers in Nutrition
  • 28 June 2021
Lactobacillus fermentum ZJUIDS06 improved hyperlipidemia in golden hamsters, which correlated with an increase in SCFA levels and relative abundance of Parabacteroides, indicating its potential importance in functional foods that can help lower cholesterol.
Establishing a mucosal gut microbial community in vitro using an artificial simulator
Results of this study demonstrate that it is possible to replicate the community structure and composition of the gut microbiota in vitro and through implementation of this system, the human gut microbiota can be studied in a dynamic and continuous fashion.
Apigenin Impacts the Growth of the Gut Microbiota and Alters the Gene Expression of Enterococcus
Results demonstrate that apigenin affects both the growth and gene expression of Enterococcus caccae, at both the single strain and community levels.
The impact of steviol glycosides and erythritol on the human and Cebus apella gut microbiome.
Treatment of Stevia rebaudiana leaf extracts with erythritol resulted in an enhancement of butyric and pentanoic acid production when tested using a human gut microbial community, and administration of SGs and erystritol to a Cebus apella model resulted in changes to the gut microbial structure and diversity.
Analysis of Temporal Changes in Growth and Gene Expression for Commensal Gut Microbes in Response to the Polyphenol Naringenin
For the first time, changes in growth and gene expression for commensal gut bacteria in response to naringenin were documented.