Jenni Anttonen

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The present aim was to study emotion related body movement responses using an unobtrusive measurement chair that is embedded with electromechanical film (EMFi) sensors. 30 participants viewed images of a male and a female computer agent while the magnitude and direction of body movements were measured. The facial expressions (i.e., frowning, neutral,(More)
In this paper, a reliability modeling methodology for BGA solder joints with plastic-core solder balls (PCSBs) has been presented. The methodology is applied to predict the board-level reliability of LTCC/BGA modules under accelerated thermal cycling conditions. The model takes into account both time- and temperature-dependent as well as time-independent(More)
The present aim was to explore heart rate responses when stimulating participants with technology primarily aimed at the rehabilitation of older adults. Heart rate responses were measured from 31 participants while they listened to emotionally provoking negative, neutral, and positive musical clips. Ratings of emotional experiences were also collected. The(More)
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