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Prostaglandins (PGs) were measured in perfusate from the lumbar intrathecal (IT) space of pentobarbital anaesthetized rats. The level of PGE2, but not of PGF2 alpha or 6-keto PGF1 alpha, was increased by immersion of a hindpaw in water at a noxious temperature (50 degrees C). No increase in PGE2 was produced by non-noxious thermal stimulation (35 degrees C(More)
In vitro cultivation of digeneans would aid the development of effective treatments and studies of the biology of the parasites. The goal of this study was to optimize culture conditions for the trematode, Gynaecotyla adunca. Metacercariae of the parasite from fiddler crabs, Uca pugnax, excysted in trypsin, were incubated overnight to permit fertilization,(More)
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