Jenna R Fransioli

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The serine-threonine kinases Pim-1 and Akt regulate cellular proliferation and survival. Although Akt is known to be a crucial signaling protein in the myocardium, the role of Pim-1 has been overlooked. Pim-1 expression in the myocardium of mice decreased during postnatal development, re-emerged after acute pathological injury in mice and was increased in(More)
BACKGROUND Despite numerous studies demonstrating the efficacy of cellular adoptive transfer for therapeutic myocardial regeneration, problems remain for donated cells with regard to survival, persistence, engraftment, and long-term benefits. This study redresses these concerns by enhancing the regenerative potential of adoptively transferred cardiac(More)
Blood gases (P(O)2, P(CO)2, pH), oxygen content, hematocrit and hemoglobin concentration were measured during rest-associated apneas of nine juvenile northern elephant seals. In conjunction with blood volume determinations, these data were used to determine total blood oxygen stores, the rate and magnitude of blood O(2) depletion, the contribution of the(More)
Cumulative evidence indicates that myocardium responds to growth or injury by recruitment of stem and/or progenitor cells that participate in repair and regenerative processes. Unequivocal identification of this population has been hampered by lack of reagents or markers specific to the recruited population, leading to controversies regarding the nature of(More)
John A Muraski, Marcello Rota, Yu Misao, Jenna Fransioli, Christopher Cottage, Natalie Gude, Grazia Esposito, Francesca Delucchi, Michael Arcarese, Roberto Alvarez, Sailay Siddiqi, Gregory N Emmanuel, Weitao Wu, Kimberlee Fischer, Joshua J Martindale, Christopher C Glembotski, Annarosa Leri, Jan Kajstura, Nancy Magnuson, Anton Berns, Remus M Beretta, Steven(More)
OBJECTIVES The aims of this prospective study are to (1) generate normal ranges for interventricular and intraventricular mechanical synchrony in dogs, and (2) generate normal ranges for tissue Doppler imaging (TDI) velocity imaging and speckle tracking strain imaging assessment of segmental intraventricular mechanical synchrony in dogs. ANIMALS 10(More)
RATIONALE Cardiac progenitor cells are important for maintenance of myocardial structure and function, but molecular mechanisms governing these progenitor cells remain obscure and require elucidation to enhance regenerative therapeutic approaches. OBJECTIVE To understand consequences of stem cell antigen-1 (Sca-1) deletion on functional properties of(More)
Stem cell-specific proteins and regulatory pathways that determine self-renewal and differentiation have become of fundamental importance in understanding regenerative and reparative processes in the myocardium. One such regulatory protein, named nucleostemin, has been studied in the context of stem cells and several cancer cell lines, where expression is(More)
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