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OBJECTIVE To determine the factor structure of persistent postconcussive syndrome symptoms in a blast-exposed military sample and validate factors against objective and symptom measures. SETTING Veterans Affairs medical center and military bases. PARTICIPANTS One hundred eighty-one service members and veterans with at least 1 significant exposure to(More)
BACKGROUND There are several suspected environmental risk factors for non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). The associations between NHL and environmental chemical exposures have typically been evaluated for individual chemicals (i.e., one-by-one). OBJECTIVES We determined the association between a mixture of 27 correlated chemicals measured in house dust and NHL(More)
In the evaluation of cancer risk related to environmental chemical exposures, the effect of many correlated chemicals on disease is often of interest. The relationship between correlated environmental chemicals and health effects is not always constant across a study area, as exposure levels may change spatially due to various environmental factors.(More)
In evaluation of cancer risk related to environmental chemical exposures, the effect of many chemicals on disease is ultimately of interest. However, because of potentially strong correlations among chemicals that occur together, traditional regression methods suffer from collinearity effects, including regression coefficient sign reversal and variance(More)
child’s feelings of efficacy for gendered skills and tasks. Children first acted out a story which they had been told by the researcher. They then had two free play sessions, one with the assigned doll and the other without. Lastly, participants answered questionnaires about their future occupation and family role. Though the current data was analyzed using(More)
Socioeconomic status (SES) is often considered a risk factor for health outcomes. SES is typically measured using individual variables of educational attainment, income, housing, and employment variables or a composite of these variables. Approaches to building the composite variable include using equal weights for each variable or estimating the weights(More)
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