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We describe the design of the Invention Coach, an intelligent, exploratory learning environment (ELE) to support Invention, an exploratory learning activity. Our design is based on a two-pronged approach. Our own study of naturalistic teacher guidance for paper-based Invention uncovered phases in the Invention process. Prior research on the mechanisms of(More)
At Teachers College, Columbia University, the Games Research Lab has created Greenify, an online social platform designed to foster flourishing sustainable communities. Gamification elements facilitated the creation and completion of user-generated missions, encouraging interaction between geographically proximate communities of peers. Three elements were(More)
Preface By encouraging interaction, exploration and experimentation in environments that directly represent the domain to the learner, Exploratory Learning Environments (ELE) adhere to constructivist theories of learning that emphasize learners' control to construct their own understanding. More generally, Open-ended Learning Environments (OLEs) offer(More)
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