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OBJECTIVE Bulimia nervosa (BN) has been characterized as similar to an addiction, though the empirical support for this characterization is limited. This study utilized PET imaging to determine whether abnormalities in brain dopamine (DA) similar to those described in substance use disorders occur in BN. METHOD PET imaging with [(11) C]raclopride,(More)
BACKGROUND Chondrosarcoma of the nasal septum is a rare, malignant neoplasm. A case is presented that illustrates the evaluation and treatment of this malignancy, reviews the relevant literature, discusses surgical approaches, and assesses adjuvant, nonsurgical therapy. METHODS A craniofacial approach using an extended, bifrontal craniotomy and lateral(More)
BACKGROUND While rupture of a cerebral aneurysm into the subdural space is rare, aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage in the presence of subdural hematoma(s) is much more uncommon. Such a patient requires changes in routine perioperative management. CASE DESCRIPTION A patient with a ruptured middle cerebral artery bifurcation aneurysm and bilateral subdural(More)
Alfentanil administered by constant rate infusion was evaluated as a main anesthetic in craniotomy patients. Eleven patients (ASA II) received either an induction dose of 200 microg/kg alfentanil followed by a 1 microg/kg/min infusion, or a 150 microg/kg bolus followed by a 1.5 microg/kg/min infusion. The infusion was stopped at least 1 h before the end of(More)
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