Jenna Jacobson

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The Earth Theater at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History (Carnegie MNH) in Pittsburgh is an all-digital partial dome display, an immersive theater. Our current offerings include an Egyptian temple, a virtual dinosaur exhibit, a Seneca Village, and a simulated Ant Mound. Each one is a three-dimensional virtual world, which a docent can navigate at will(More)
The Living Forest is an interactive virtual environment developed for large-screen formats, especially the all-digital portable dome theaters. Our portable Discovery Dome travels to K-12 schools and other settings to host teacher-led learning activities for audiences of up to 30 students. The Living Forest provides a compelling virtual representation of a(More)
The Social Media & Society Conference is an annual international gathering of leading social media researchers from around the world. Now, in its sixth year, the 2015 conference is being held in Toronto, Canada, on July 27-29. The conference's intensive three-day program provides 18 full papers, 78 work-in-progress papers, 5 panels, and 52 posters. The(More)
With the growth of open data, much of the information required when applying to immigrate to Canada is available directly from government websites; however, an information problem persists, as making sense of the necessary information remains challenging. In this project, we describe a web-based application combining three sources of open data to(More)
Performance and ritual of formal Egyptian religion were part of a discourse that permeated the entire culture. Egyp-tian priests role-played gods, heroes, and sometimes Pharaoh himself. This took place in and around monumental Egyptian temples, each one a model of the cosmos and a house of the gods. Re-enactment is a unique and important tool for(More)
Our project is a reconstruction of the Theatre district in Pompeii as an interactive three-dimensional model. This model will include the large or " grand " Theatre, the Triangular Forum and its monuments, and the connecting areas between the forum, theatre, and the encircling street grid. We will integrate the model with an encyclopaedia-like website(More)
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