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A planar octagon monopole antenna for ultrawideband(UWB) application is proposed and experimentally studied. The proposed antenna has wide impedance bandwidth from 2.8 GHz to more than 10.7 GHz with better than -10 dB return loss. The design is demonstrated assuming FR4 substrate with a relative dielectric constant of 4.4 and thickness of 1.6 mm. The size(More)
A planar octagon monopole UWB band-notched antenna is proposed and experimentally studied. It consists of an octagon patch with a modifed U-shaped notched, which intends to obtain frequency notched for WiMAX. The proposed antenna operates from 1.93 GHz to 11 GHz for return loss of less than -10dB with 5.26-6.4 GHz notched. The notch frequency of the(More)
Molecular dynamics simulation was employed to investigate the diffusion behaviors of water molecules within a (5,5) carbon nanocoil (CNC) at different tensile strains, the length and coil diameter of CNC are 22 and 6.83 A ˚ ´ , respectively. Condensed-phase, optimized molecular potentials for atomistic simulation studies were employed to model the(More)
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