Jenn-Hwan Tarng

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—A two-stage 3.1-to 10.6-GHz ultrawideband CMOS low-noise amplifier (LNA) is presented. In our design, a parallel resistance–capacitance shunt feedback with a source in-ductance is proposed to obtain broadband input matching and to reduce the noise level effectively; furthermore, a parallel inductance–capacitance network at drain is drawn to further(More)
—A multipath-clustering phenomenon, which is caused by the fact that scatterers tend to group together in realistic environments, has a significant impact on the channel capacity. For a band-limited system, due to the limitation of the signal time resolution, observable multipath-clustering is affected not only by propagation environments but also by the(More)
This paper presents the methodology of implementations and performance measurements of our mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) platforms. The work is prompted by the lack of published results concerning the issues associated with the implementation of MANET facilities on actual wireless networks, as opposed to results of simulation experiments. Our MANET is(More)
Large-scale video surveillance systems typically deploy many video cameras over a wide area and display video streams on separate screens. Operators of this kind of systems have difficulties perceiving the whole pictures of intermixed views and are prone to losing track of targets. This paper presents a surveillance system which integrates videos from(More)