Jenn-Huei Lii

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The MM3 force field has been extended to deal with the lithium amide molecules that are widely used as efficient catalysts for stereoselective asymmetric synthesis. The MM3 force field parameters have been determined on the basis of the ab initio MP2/6-31G* and/or DFT (B3LYP/6-31G*, B3-PW91/6-31G*) geometry optimization calculations. To evaluate the(More)
The identification of glycan epitopes such as the histo-blood group ABH determinants as docking sites for bacterial/viral infections and signals in growth regulation fuels the interest to develop non-hydrolysable mimetics for therapeutic applications. Inevitably, the required substitution of the linkage oxygen atom will alter the derivative's topology. Our(More)
Molecular mechanics (MM4) studies have been carried out on the catenane (C13H26)2, specifically 13-13D2. The structure obtained is in general agreement with second-order perturbation theory. More importantly, the MM4 structure allows a breakdown of the energy of the molecule into its component classical parts. This allows an understanding of why the(More)
An empirical correction to density functional theory (DFT) has been developed in this study. The approach, called correlation corrected atomization-dispersion (CCAZD), involves short- and long-range terms. Short-range correction consists of bond (1,2-) and angle (1,3-) interactions, which remedies the deficiency of DFT in describing the proto-branching(More)