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A workstation for multimodality analysis has been under clinical test for two years in a big hospital in Madrid. While algorithm implementation was straightforward, connectivity posed significant problems during the implementation. The tool was found quite useful in some clinical situations, mainly temporal epilepsy, neurosurgery planning, brain tumours and(More)
A large portion of research on criminal sentencing over the past few decades has focused on the role of defendant race. The modal approach has encompassed regression-based studies of whether defendant race exerts a main effect on imprisonment decisions. Recent studies have employed more sophisticated statistical models, have incorporated information on both(More)
Intraoperative radiotherapy (IORT) is a relatively new technique in which irradiation with electrons is performed during an open surgery procedure. This approach poses significant problems in obtaining accurate dosimetry, since neither the pre- nor the postoperative patient images actually matches the irradiation field. Our objective was to implement a(More)
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