Jenifer Spencer

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Peach harvest workers were evaluated for exposure to azinphosmethyvLrei.dues by dermal residues using clothing ind-skin washes. Worke entr..edonrchrd 51 da-*after tap plhicaonan v-. k in ~4idd for 10O ..of the next 1. .7. days: .Diul abl. foliar residues ranged from. to 1.7.:;2 pg/cm2I.and did not chan over the
The structures of Ia molecules expressed by two BALB/c B cell lymphoma lines, A20-1.11 (A20) and 2PK3, were analyzed in an effort to explain the differences in antigen-presenting capacity displayed by these cells. Alloreactive T cell hybridomas specific for I-Ad and antigen-specific, I-Ad-restricted T cells responded well to A20 as the APC. The same(More)
1. " On Klass' series criterion for the minimal growth rate of partial maxima, " Statistics and 8. " Poisson approximations for runs and patterns of rare events, " Advances in Applied Probability 23, 851-865, 1991. 9. " A new exact runs test for randomness, " in Computing Science and Statistics, C.
A teacher's guide to principles and practice A teacher's guide to principles and practice EAP Essentials With the increase in students joining academic English-language courses, the teaching of English for Academic Purposes is a rapidly expanding profession. There are, however, few specialist handbooks for the practising teacher in this field. EAP(More)
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