Jenifer Rubio

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The anion-templated synthesis of different pseudopeptidic macrocycles has been studied in detail by using a multidisciplinary approach. The reaction between an open-chain pseudopeptidic diamine and the appropriate dialdehyde is highly affected by the presence of the best fitting anionic template. The formation of the corresponding macrocyclic(More)
A highly efficient synthesis of small pseudopeptidic cages from simple precursors has been achieved by the triple S(N)2 reaction between tripodal tris(amido amines) and several 1,3,5-tris(bromomethyl)benzene electrophiles. The success of the macrobicyclization strongly depends on the central triamine scaffold, which dictates the correct preorganization of(More)
The use of pseudopeptidic gemini surfactants as stabilizers of hydrophobic quantum dots in water is discussed. Compound 1a acts as an intercalator with hydrophobic ligands of QDs transferring them from toluene to pure water yielding a fluorescent nanoparticle resistant to quenching by chloride anion (up to 0.1 M).
The formation of soluble nano-spheres or stable hydrogels through the self-assembling of a simple gemini amphiphilic pseudopeptide can be controlled by the tuning of the hydrophilic/hydrophobic interactions in aqueous medium.
The variations of the dorsocentral and scutellar bristle patterns founded in two bidirectionaly selected lines are discussed in terms of the Richelle and Ghysen model. The phenotype obtained through selection for bristle suppression can be accounted for by a decrease in chaetogen production. Extra bristles can be accounted for by an alteration of the(More)
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