Jenifer M Woo

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OBJECTIVE   To replicate a previously reported association between pollen counts and county suicide rates in the continental United States, across space and time. METHOD   The authors evaluated the relationship between airborne pollen counts and suicide rates in 42 counties of the continental United States, containing a pollen-counting station(More)
Vitamin C (ascorbate) is a water-soluble, low molecular weight antioxidant that works in conjunction with glutathione and other cellular antioxidants, and is effective against a variety of reactive oxygen species, including superoxide and hydroxyl radicals that have been implicated in the etiology of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Whereas most animals(More)
The mechanisms underlying the ototoxicity of ethacrynic acid (EA) are not fully understood. Previous studies have focused on morphologic and enzymatic changes in the stria vascularis. The current experiment shows that one of the earliest effects of EA is ischemia, resulting from impaired blood flow in vessels supplying the lateral wall of the cochlea. Inner(More)
Although it is well known that ethacrynic acid (EA) can enhance gentamicin (GM) ototoxicity, there has been no systematic study of the relationship between dosing parameters and inner ear pathology. We examined the effects of two parameters, GM dose and time delay between GM and EA administration, on cochlear and vestibular hair cell loss in chinchillas.(More)
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