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The photoreceptors of Boa constrictor, a boid snake of the subfamily Boinae, were examined with scanning electron microscopy and microspectrophotometry. The retina of B. constrictor is duplex but highly dominated by rods, cones comprising 11% of the photoreceptor population. The rather tightly packed rods have relatively long outer segments with proximal(More)
A liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry assay to quantify total paclitaxel in mouse plasma and tissue homogenates containing paclitaxel, Taxol, or liposome-entrapped paclitaxel-easy to use (LEP-ETU) was developed and validated. Docetaxel was used as the internal standard (IS). Liquid-liquid extraction with tert-butyl methyl ether was used for(More)
A simple, rapid HPLC method for quantification of mitoxantrone in mouse plasma and tissue homogenates in the presence of a liposome entrapped mitoxantrone formulation (LEM-ETU) is described. Sample preparation is achieved by protein precipitation of 100 microl plasma or 200 microl tissue homogenate with an equal volume of methanol containing 0.5 M(More)
A simple, rapid and sensitive LC-MS/MS bioanalytical method has been developed to simultaneously quantify Camptosar (CPT-11) and its active metabolite, SN-38, in mouse plasma and tissues. A single step protein precipitation with acetonitrile in 96-well plates was used for sample preparation. Camptothecin (CPT) was used as the internal standard. Fast(More)
An LC-MS/MS method was developed to quantify an antisense oligonucleotide against Raf-1 expression (rafAON) in monkey and mouse plasma and in mouse tissue homogenates from animals dosed with a liposome-entrapped rafAON easy-to-use formulation (LErafAON-ETU) intended for use as an antineoplastic agent. RafAON was extracted from mouse and monkey plasma using(More)
The purpose of this research was a proof of concept using a fan motor stator as transducer to monitor motor rotor and attached axial fan for mechanical motion. The proof was to determine whether bearing faults and fan imbalances could be detected in vane-axial fans using Motor Electrical Signature Analysis (MESA). The data was statistically analyzed to(More)
The resonance Raman spectrum of the 1,3,5-hexatriene radical cation generated by y-irradiation in a Freon glass is reported. The spectrum is.excited a t 395 nm in resonance with the second absorption band. Identical spectra are obtained from ionized (E)-and (2)-1,3,5-hexatriene. The presence of more than one rotamer has to be assumed to account for all the(More)
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