Jeni Marshall

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Nutrient assessment by the brief 45-item food frequency questionnaire used in the New York State Cohort was simulated by reducing the food list and frequency-of-use categories of the extensive 131-food item semiquantitative questionnaire used in the Health Professionals Follow-up Study. As a validation of the brief questionnaire, daily nutrient intakes were(More)
This study reports on an investigation into the voice onset time (VOT) patterns of the plosives /p b t d/ in a group of 30 children aged 7 (n = 10), 9 (n = 10) and 11 (n = 10) years. Equal numbers of girls and boys participated in the study. Each child named a series of letter objects to elicit /p b t d/ in a syllable onset position with a fixed vowel(More)
Recent work has cast doubt on the validity of results obtained from glutaraldehyde-fixed material in radioautography. Peters and Ashley (3) have demonstrated that glutaraldehyde binds free leucine directly onto cells of rat liver. They indicate that this bound leucine might be confused with that incorporated by protein synthesis. As an alternative fixative(More)
A schizophrenic patient's behaviour was monitored over 12 weeks using the Assessment Schedule and Adult Training Instrument, the patient's self-reports of his symptoms of anxiety, scores on the Social Behaviour Schedule, and the frequency of nocturnal enuresis. Contrary to expectations, the patient's functioning deteriorated generally, with the exception(More)
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