Jengshyang Pan

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In this paper, a novel algorithm for face recognition with one sample per person is proposed. The proposed algorithm is based on contourlet. Multiple training images for each class are constructed through the decomposition and reconstruction of original training images by contourlet. Thus neighborhood discriminant nearest feature line analysis can be(More)
As one of valid modeling and coordinated controlling tools, the particle swarm optimization algorithm can be extended for applying to task of swarm robotic search. To gain an insight into effects of key parameters on distributed swarm search, a series of simulations are conducted. In such control algorithm, main parameters including communication range,(More)
Crank block steering mechanism optimization is a nonlinear constrained optimization problem, which is important for forklift truck to get preferable steering performance. Particle swarm optimization (PSO) with feasibility-based rules is a swarm intelligent algorithm proposed to solve constrained optimization problems simply and effectively. Therefore, it is(More)
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