Jeng Wai Kwan

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Teleost fish continue to grow throughout life, and their eyes enlarge correspondingly. Within the eye, the retina grows by stretching existing tissue and adding new cells. Cell addition occurs in two ways: First, all cell types except rod photoreceptors are added circumferentially at the edge of the eye where the retina meets the iris; second, rod(More)
  • J.-L Vay, P Colella, J W Kwan, P Mccorquodale, D B Serafini, A Friedman +5 others
  • 2004
Plasma simulations are often rendered challenging by the disparity of scales in time and in space which must be resolved. When these disparities are in distinctive zones of the simulation domain, a method which has proven to be effective in other areas ͑e.g., fluid dynamics simulations͒ is the mesh refinement technique. A brief discussion of the challenges(More)
  • W M Sharp, A Friedman, D P Grote, J J Barnard, R H Cohen, M A Dorf +25 others
  • 2011
Intense heavy-ion beams have long been considered a promising driver option for inertial-fusion energy production. This paper briefly compares inertial confinement fusion (ICF) to the more-familiar magnetic-confinement approach and presents some advantages of using beams of heavy ions to drive ICF instead of lasers. Key design choices in heavy-ion fusion(More)
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