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Going along with the rapid development of web technologies , in some applications on demands, partners or staffs may make a great quantity of web transactions or personal communications anytime and anywhere. However, the partners could be distributed over different network domains. They require a communal trusted third party to help them establish a shared(More)
SUMMARY In this paper, we propose a novel fault-tolerant multicast algorithm for n-dimensional wormhole routed hyper-cubes. The multicast algorithm will remain functional if the number of faulty nodes in an n-dimensional hypercube is less than n. Multicast is the delivery of the same message from one source node to an arbitrary number of destination nodes.(More)
The goal of a denial-of-service (DoS) attack is to deplete the resource of a targeted server in order that its intended clients cannot obtain the services. Recently, Hwang et al. proposed an ID-based password authentication scheme using smart cards against the DoS attack. In their scheme, the major merits include: (1) mutual authentication; (2) the password(More)
This paper examines the problem of recovering from processor transient faults in pipelined multiprocessor systems. A pipelined machine allows out of order instruction execution and branch prediction to increase performance, thus a precise computation state may not be available. We propose a modified scheme to implement the precise computation state in a(More)
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