Jeng-Nan Lee

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This paper presents a pipeline inspection robot with a linkage mechanical clutch, which consists a novel belt driven ridged cone shaped skate model that can be used to conquest irregular environmental barriers. The mechanical clutch is a 3-bar linkage mechanism. The robot is designed to be conformal to the environment: each chain being in touch with the(More)
In this paper, a design system combining clinical experience and engineering knowledge was developed for the manufacture for femoral component of knee prosthesis. The femoral component is developed on a prescription basis and is unique for each patient. The medical image of the femoral component obtained according to the patient CT. The necessary constrains(More)
The main purpose for the design of knee prosthesis is to construct patient’s individual anatomical, geometric model and satisfy his/her real geometric and physiology characteristic. The reconstruction of 3D knee geometric model is the basis of knee prosthesis related design. In this study, Mimics software was used to obtain CT image to construct the(More)
This paper employs the numerical assembly method NAM to determine the exact frequencyresponse amplitudes of an offshore structure such as piles or towers having the form of a hollow column filled with multiple fluids, immersed in water, carrying an eccentric tip mass supported by a translational spring and/or a rotational spring, and subjected to a harmonic(More)
This article presents an adjustable pipeline inspection robot with three belt driven mechanical modules. The adjustable pipeline robot can be used for 30–45cm diameter pipeline. This robot has three powered belt driven chains each of which has a mechanical clutch. The mechanical clutch is used a 3-bars linkage type mechanism. The robot is designed(More)
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