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Mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAP kinase) is a 42 kd serine/threonine protein kinase whose enzymatic activity requires phosphorylation of both tyrosyl and threonyl residues. As a step in elucidating the mechanism(s) for activation of this enzyme, we have determined the sites of regulatory phosphorylation. Following proteolytic digestion of 32P-labeled(More)
p42mapk [mitogen activated protein (MAP) kinase; extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase (ERK)] is a serine/threonine-specific protein kinase that is activated by dual tyrosine and threonine phosphorylation in response to diverse agonists. Both the tyrosine and threonine phosphorylations are necessary for full enzymic activity. A MAP kinase activator(More)
We have defined inactive alpha and omega fragments of beta-lactamase that can complement to form a functional enzyme in both bacteria and mammalian cells, serving as a readout for the interaction of proteins fused to the fragments. Critical to this advance was the identification of a tripeptide, Asn-Gly-Arg, which when juxtaposed at the carboxyl terminus of(More)
Pp42/MAP kinase (refered to here as p42P) becomes enzymatically activated within 5 minutes following addition to quiescent cells of various growth and metabolic agonists (1,2). The activated form of p42P is phosphorylated on threonine and tyrosine and both phosphorylations are required for activity (3), suggesting the enzyme serves to integrate different(More)
Mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinases are a family of serine/threonine kinases implicated in the control of cell proliferation and differentiation. We have found that activated p42mapk is a target for the phosphoepitope antibody MPM-2, a monoclonal antibody that recognizes a cell cycle-regulated phosphoepitope. We have determined that the MPM-2 antibody(More)
p42/microtubule-associated protein kinase (p42mapk) is activated by tyrosine and threonine phosphorylation, and its regulatory phosphorylation is likely to be important in signalling pathways involved in growth control, secretion, and differentiation. Here we show that treatment of quiescent 3T3 cells with diverse agonists results in the appearance of an(More)
Mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAP kinase) is a serine/threonine protein kinase that becomes enzymatically activated and phosphorylated on tyrosine and threonine following treatment of quiescent cells with a variety of stimulatory agonists. Phosphorylation on both tyrosine and threonine is necessary to maintain full activity, and these two regulatory(More)
We recently cloned from a mouse 3T3 cell cDNA library a cDNA with sequence similarity to the p42mapk protein and other members of the MAP kinase family. To determine with certainty which member of the family this clone encodes, we have expressed the cDNA in COS cells and characterized the protein product. When the pSV2MAP plasmid carrying the full-length(More)
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