Jeng-Hong Chen

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The Purcell effect of a nanoshell dimer on the fluorescence of a single molecule placed within the dimer's gap is studied. The numerical results show that the nanoshell dimer acts as an antenna, making the energy transfer from an excited molecule to the dimer more efficient, and as a lowpass filter for the radiation of fluorescence to the far field.(More)
In a synchronization (sync) network<sup>1</sup> containing N nodes, it is shown (Theorem 1c) that an arbitrarily connected sync network D is the union of a countable set of isolated connecting sync networks {D<inf>i</inf>, i &#x003D; 1, 2, &#x2026;, L}, i.e., D &#x003D; U<sup>L</sup><inf>i&#x003D;1</inf> D<inf>i</inf>. It is shown (Theorem 2e) that a(More)
Ad hoc wireless networks involving large populations of scattered communication nodes will play a key role in the development of low power, high capacity, interactive, multimedia communication networks. Such networks must support arbitrary network connections and provide coverage anywhere and anytime. This paper partitions such arbitrarily connected network(More)
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