Jeng-Han Tsai

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BACKGROUND The long-term survival benefits of neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) and chemoradiotherapy (NACR) for oesophageal carcinoma are well established. Both are burdened, however, by toxicity that(More)
A 20-24 GHz, fully integrated power amplifier (PA) with on-chip input and output matching is realized in 0.18 mum standard CMOS process. By cascading two cascode stages, the PA achieves 15 dB small(More)
<?Pub Dtl?>An ultra-low-power consumption and ultra-low local oscillator (LO) power double-balanced down-conversion mixer using standard 90-nm CMOS technology is presented in this paper. By employing(More)
In this paper, W-band flip-chip-assembled CMOS chip modules with transition compensation are presented, a three-stage amplifier, a balanced amplifier, and a down-converted Gilbert-cell subharmonic(More)