Jeng-Feng Weng

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In multicast, it is important to update security keys when a user joins or leaves the multicast group. In this paper, we study how to reduce the cost to update the security keys in 3GPP MBMS. The problem is especially critical for MBMS because 3G is a large scale network with huge number of mobile users. We show that with dynamic rekeying, the cost can be(More)
Multicast can greatly save network bandwidth because only one copy of data is transmitted in the shared paths. Applications such as video conferences and network games usually can benefit from multicast. Although mobile multicast has been studied for years, it is still a challenge and has not been widely realized in today’s Internet. Both 3GPP and 3GPP2(More)
IEEE 802.16j is defining standards for Multihop Relay (MR) networks. With many low cost Relay Stations (RSs), a Base Station (BS) can diminish the radio range but extend the coverage by RSs. Besides, frequency can be reused in different RSs. When using real-time services in an 802.16j MR network, fixed bandwidth is allocated to each(More)
In this paper, we analyze the packet session channel holding time for packet-switched cellular networks. Channel holding time depends on mobility which is characterized by cell residence time in this paper. We apply Hyper-Erlang distribution model to investigate the packet session channel holding time in which a session will experience active and idle(More)
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