Jeng-Chuann Yang

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Taiwan spruce (Picea morrisonicola) is a vulnerable conifer species endemic to the island of Taiwan. A warming climate and competition from subtropical tree species has limited the range of Taiwan spruce to the higher altitudes of the island. Using seeds sampled from an area in the central mountain range of Taiwan, 15 nuclear loci were sequenced in order to(More)
The effects of lucidone on tyrosinase and antimelanogenic activity were investigated. Initially, we found that lucidone strongly inhibits the activity of mushroom tyrosinase. The effects of lucidone on tyrosinase were further examined in alpha-MSH-induced B16 melanoma cells. Lucidone significantly inhibits tyrosinase activity and leads to decreased melanin(More)
Studies on seed storage of Chionanthus retusus Lindl. & Paxt. revealed an orthodox behavior, one which showed both desiccation and freezing tolerance. An epicotyl after-ripening dormancy was expressed in C. retusus seeds by slow growth of the shoot apex relative to more rapid growth of the radicle when seeds were germinated at 30/20 degrees C. Although(More)
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