Jeng-Chen Liu

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Four types of β-1,3-1,4 glucanase (β-glucanase, EC genes, designated bglA13, bglA16, bglA51, and bglM2, were found in the cDNA library of Neocallimastix patriciarum J11. All were highly homologous with each other and demonstrated a close phylogenetic relationship with and a similar codon bias to Streptococcus equinus. The presence of expansion and(More)
A new strain of rumen fungus was isolated from Bos taurus, identified and designated Orpinomyces sp.Y102. A clone, celC7, isolated from the cDNA library of Orpinomyces sp.Y102, was predicted to encode a protein containing a signal peptide (Residues 1-17), an N-terminal dockerin-containing domain, and a C-terminal cellobiohydrolase catalytic domain of(More)
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