Jenett Tillotson

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This paper discusses the implementation of a distributed rendering environment (DRE) utilizing the TeraGrid. Using the new system, researchers and students across the TeraGrid have access to available resources for distributed rendering. Previously, researchers at universities and national labs, using high end rendering software such as Renderman Compliant(More)
In 1997, Indiana University (IU) began a purposeful and steady drive to expand the use of supercomputers and what we now call cyberinfrastructure. In 2001, IU implemented the first 1 TFLOPS supercomputer owned by and operated for a single US University. In 2013, IU made an analogous investment and achievement at the 1 PFLOPS level: Big Red II, a Cray(More)
With the high powered rendering systems and recording equipment available today, 4k video streams are now within the reach of several scientific communities. A resolution of 4096x3072, with 24-bit color, running at 30 frames per second, produces just under 10Gbs of network traffic. Existing tiled displays are being used to show such media, and these high(More)
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