Jenelle A. Holst

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INTRODUCTION Accurate field triage of critically injured patients to trauma centers is vital for improving survival. We sought to estimate the national degree of undertriage of trauma patients who die in emergency departments (EDs) by evaluating the frequency and characteristics associated with triage to non-trauma centers. METHODS This was a(More)
injury and associated complications, including Horner’s syndrome. In addition, the combined features of the Vasoview device allow a single surgeon to perform the sympathectomy, being both the thoracoscopic camera holder and the operator. Our preferred supine patient position makes redraping or repositioning during the bilateral procedure unnecessary, saving(More)
This report describes an algorithm developed to predict the pathogenicity of copy number variants (CNVs) in large sample cohorts. CNVs (genomic deletions and duplications) are found in healthy individuals and in individuals with genetic diagnoses, and differentiation of these two classes of CNVs can be challenging and usually requires extensive manual(More)
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