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Users demand not only seamless continuation but also high throughput of Internet access as they hop across different administrative domains and heterogeneous networks during an ongoing session. By extending the multiple care-of addresses registration based on mobile IPv6, the proposed mechanism may provide seamless access with soft handoff notion as well as(More)
In recent years, vulnerability collection platforms become an important part to facilitate development of information security. Usually, platform administrators collect and ratify vulnerability information, which white hat hackers report at first hand, and users hence know which applications have doubts via vulnerability reports published on the platform.(More)
High infrastructure availability, easy installation, and low device cost make PLC become one of the promising technologies for broadband communication. In PLC based access network, relay nodes are deployed to extend network coverage and enhance communication quality. In this paper, we consider the bandwidth guaranteed routing and time slot assignment(More)
SUMMARY The multi-channel Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) network is essentially a shared medium with multi-channels. Its operation requires the use of a scheduling algorithm to manage the data transmission within each channel. The Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specification (DOC-SIS) protocol is an important standard for HFC networks. Since this protocol(More)
issues in heterogeneous network environments. There are many researches on this issue, but they still have some drawbacks such as low efficiency of utilization of the wireless network resources and can not satisfy each application's requirements. This paper proposes a mechanism that takes each application into consideration. Every application can choose its(More)