Jen-Shiuh Liu

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Recently, denial-of-service (DoS) attack has become a pressing problem due to the lack of an efficient method to locate the real attackers and ease of launching an attack with readily available source codes on the Internet. Traceback is a subtle scheme to tackle DoS attacks. Probabilistic packet marking (PPM) is a new way for practical IP traceback.(More)
ÐArray operations are used in a large number of important scientific codes, such as molecular dynamics, finite element methods, climate modeling, etc. To implement these array operations efficiently, many methods have been proposed in the literature. However, the majority of these methods are focused on the two-dimensional arrays. When extended to higher(More)
In our previous work, we have proposed the extended Karnaugh map representation (EKMR) scheme for multidimensional array representation. In this paper, we propose two data compression schemes, EKMR Compressed Row/ Column Storage (ECRS/ECCS), for multidimensional sparse arrays based on the EKMR scheme. To evaluate the proposed schemes, we compare them to the(More)
Array operations are useful in a large number of important scientific codes, such as molecular dynamics, finite element methods, climate modeling, atmosphere and ocean sciences, etc. In our previous work, we have proposed a scheme extended Karnaugh map representation (EKMR) for multidimensional array representation. We have shown that sequential(More)
The ffamiltonian problem is to determine whether a graph contains a spanning (Hamiltonian) path or cycle. Here we study the Hamiltonian problem for the generalized Fibonacci cubes, which are a new family of graphs that have applications in interconnection topologies [J. Liuand W.-J. Hsu, "Distributed Algorithms for Shortest-Path, Deadlock-Free Routing and(More)
In this paper we use the tensor product notation as the framework of a programming methodology for designing various parallel prefix algorithms. In this methodology, we first express a computational problem in its matrix form. Next, we formulate a matrix equation for the matrix of the computational problem. Then, solve the matrix equation to obtain some(More)
Matrix operations are the core of many linear systems. Efficient matrix multiplication is critical to many numerical applications, such as climate modeling, molecular dynamics, computational fluid dynamics and etc. Much research work has been done to improve the performance of matrix operations. However, the majority of these works is focused on(More)
For sparse array operations, in general, the sparse arrays are compressed by some data compression schemes in order to obtain better performance. The Compressed Row/Column Storage (CRS/CCS) schemes are the two common used data compression schemes for sparse arrays in the traditional matrix representation (TMR). When extended to higher dimensional sparse(More)