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Enzyme Catalysis that Paves the Way for S-Sulfhydration via Sulfur Atom Transfer.
S-sulfhydration is generally anticipated to proceed through the transfer of the SH group (Nu-SH···(-)S-R → Nu(-)···HS-S-R). The other route involves the sulfur atom (S(0)) transfer between twoExpand
Abstract The formaldehyde decomposition occurs via two reaction paths: the molecular channel that produces H 2 and CO, and the radical channel that produces H and HCO. Geometry of each compound wasExpand
Quintuply-bonded dichromium(I) complexes featuring metal-metal bond lengths of 1.74 A.
The construction of a metal–metal quintuple bond has long been a challenge for chemists, since a large number of quadruple-bonded dinuclear complexes have been reported and their bonding andExpand
Remarkably short metal-metal bonds: a lantern-type quintuply bonded dichromium(I) complex.
The field of quadruply bonded dinuclear complexes in which two metal atoms are embraced by eight ligands has been considered mature. The bonding and electronic structures of these compounds have beenExpand
Journey from Mo-Mo quadruple bonds to quintuple bonds.
Heating K(4)Mo(2)Cl(8) and 2 equiv of Li[RC(NDipp)(2)] (R = H, Ph; Dipp = 2,6-i-Pr(2)C(6)H(3)) in tetrahydrofuran (THF) at 60 degrees C gives two paddlewheel type quadruply bonded dimolybdenumExpand
Structural transformations in dinuclear zinc complexes involving Zn-Zn bonds.
Reduction of Zn(2)(mu-eta(2)-Me(2)Si(NDipp)(2))(2) with 4 equiv. of KC(8) resulted in a dramatic structural transformation into [(eta(2)-Me(2)Si(NDipp)(2))ZnZn(eta(2)-Me(2)Si(NDipp)(2))](2-)Expand
Reactions of metal-metal quintuple bonds with alkynes: [2+2+2] and [2+2] cycloadditions.
Benzene, C6H6, is one of the most important molecules in organic chemistry. The term aromaticity was developed from the study of benzene and has become an important and fundamental concept inExpand
Stepwise construction of the Cr-Cr quintuple bond and its destruction upon axial coordination.
Give me five! Terdentate 2,6-diamidopyridyl ligands were used to stabilize the Cr-Cr quintuple bond and have made it possible to isolate and characterize not only the Cr-Cr quintuple-bonded complex,Expand
An electron-rich molybdenum-molybdenum quintuple bond spanned by one lithium atom.
Take five: A unique quintuply bonded dimolybdenum complex [Mo(2)(μ-Li){μ-HC(N-2,6-Et(2)C(6)H(3))(2)}(3)] (see picture) was synthesized and characterized. The Mo-Mo interaction includes an unexpectedExpand
A three-coordinate and quadruply bonded Mo-Mo complex.
Reaction of MoCl3(THF)3 with [Me2Si{NLi(Dipp)}2]2 (Dipp = 2,6-i-PrC6H3) afforded a triply bonded dimolybdenum complex 1,2-Mo2Cl2[Me2Si(NDipp)2]2 1, spanned by two Me2Si[N(Dipp)]2 ligands, thusExpand