Jen-Shiang Chen

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This study considers the production environment of the re-entrant flow-shop (RFS). In a RFS, all jobs have the same routing over the machines of the shop and the same sequence is traversed several times to complete the jobs. The aim of this study is to minimize makespan by using the genetic algorithm (GA) to move from local optimal solution to near optimal(More)
This study addresses a single machine scheduling problem with periodic maintenance, where the machine is assumed to be stopped periodically for maintenance for a constant time w during the scheduling period. Meanwhile, the maintenance period [u,v] is assumed to have been previously arranged and the time w is assumed not to exceed the available maintenance(More)
The assumption of classical shop scheduling problems that each job visits each machine only once (Baker, 1974) is often violated in practice. A new type of manufacturing shop, the reentrant shop has recently attracted attention. The basic characteristic of a re-entrant shop is that a job visits certain machines more than once. For example, in semiconductor(More)
This study considers the machine scheduling problem with limited waiting time constraints. We examine the machine environment of the open-shop, job-shop, flow-shop, and permutation flow-shop, and uses makespan as a measure performance. Eight mixed binary integer programming models are developed to optimally solve these problems.
This paper deals with a single-machine scheduling problem with multiple orders per job (MOJ) considerations. Both lot processing machines and item processing machines are also examined. There are two primary decisions that must be made in the proposed problem: (1) how to group the orders together, and (2) how to schedule the jobs once they are formed. In(More)
This work addresses the single machine and parallel machine scheduling problems, where machine is flexibly maintained and mean flow time is used as a performance measure. Machine Mk should be stopped for maintenance for a constant time wk in the schedule. The maintenance period [uk , vk ] is assumed to be set in advance, and the maintenance time wk is(More)