Jen-Ming Chung

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Finding and keeping track of other researchers' publication lists is an essential activity for every researcher, because they often contain citations not found elsewhere and may provide access to information, such as slides and talks, which can help other researchers keep abreast of state-ofthe-art knowledge and technology. There are many different ways to(More)
Scholars usually spend great deal of time on searching and reading papers of key researchers. However, to objectively determine key researcher of a topic relies on several measurements, such as publication, citation, recent academic activities. In this paper, a prototype of scholars searching and recommendation system based on a web mining approach in(More)
Ontology is essential in the formalization of domain knowledge for effective human-computer interactions (i.e., expert-finding). Many researchers have proposed approaches to measure the similarity between concepts by accessing fuzzy domain ontology. However, engineering of the construction of domain ontologies turns out to be labor intensive and tedious. In(More)
A publication record denotes a list of semi-structured citation string of publications of a research institute or an individual researcher. Publication records are integrated into a digital library to become an important knowledge base which in turn enables a variety of applications. A publication record is usually found among other information on a(More)
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