Jen-Inn Chyi

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An efficient single-photon source based on low-density InGaAs quantum dots in a photonic-crystal nanocavity is demonstrated. The single-photon source features the effects of a photonic band gap, yielding a single-mode spontaneous emission coupling efficiency as high as beta = 92% and a linear polarization degree up to p = 95%. This appealing performance(More)
Epitaxial AlN films were prepared on GaN/sapphire using a helicon sputtering system at the low temperature of 300 degrees C. Surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices fabricated on AlN/GaN/sapphire exhibited superior characteristics compared with those made on GaN/sapphire. An oscillator using an AlN/GaN/sapphirebased SAW device is presented. The oscillation(More)
Epitaxial AlN films have been grown on GaN/sapphire using helicon sputtering at 300 degrees C. The surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters fabricated on AlN/GaN/sapphire exhibit more superior characteristics than those made on GaN/sapphire. This composite structure of AlN on GaN may bring about the development of high-frequency components, which integrate and(More)
Coherent acoustic phonons are generated at terahertz frequencies when semiconductor quantum-well nanostructures are illuminated by femtosecond laser pulses. These phonons-also known as nanoacoustic waves-typically have wavelengths of tens of nanometres, which could prove useful in applications such as non-invasive ultrasonic imaging and sound amplification(More)
Ultrahigh-speed photodetectors and printed-circuit antennas construct photonic transmitters. In this letter, we studied the saturation behaviors of an edge-coupled membrane photonic transmitter based on low-temperature-grown GaAs. The saturation behaviors determine the optimized operation condition of photonic transmitters. Ultrahigh external(More)
Spectral characteristics of laser-generated acoustic waves in an InGaN/GaN superlattice structure are studied at room temperature. Acoustic vibrations in the structure are excited with a femtosecond laser pulse and detected via transmission of a delayed probe pulse. Seven acoustic modes of the superlattice are detected, with frequencies spanning a range(More)
This study examined the correlation between the off-state leakage current and dynamic on-resistance (RON) transients in AlGaN/GaN heterostructure field-effect transistors (HFETs) with and without a gate insulator under various stress conditions. The RON transients in a Schottky-gate HFET (SGHFET) and metal-insulator-semiconductor HFET (MISHFET) were(More)
Atomically-flat surfaces are obtained after thin GaAsSb buffer layer growth on GaAs substrates with regular-distributed nano-holes formed after oxide desorption of the local atomic-force-microscopy anode oxidation. Different from the samples with GaAsSb buffer layers, increasing surface root-mean-square roughness is observed for the GaAs-buffered samples(More)
Piezoelectric semiconductor strained layers can be treated as piezoelectric transducers to generate nanometer-wavelength and THz-frequency acoustic waves. The mechanism of nano-acoustic wave (NAW) generation in strained piezoelectric layers, induced by femtosecond optical pulses, can be modeled by a macroscopic elastic continuum theory. The optical(More)
Semipolar {101¯1} InGaN quantum wells are grown on (001) Si substrates with an Al-free buffer and wafer-scale uniformity. The novel structure is achieved by a bottom-up nano-heteroepitaxy employing self-organized ZnO nanorods as the strain-relieving layer. This ZnO nanostructure unlocks the problems encountered by the conventional AlN-based buffer, which(More)