Jen-Hsien Chien

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Facial expression recognition has been investigated for many years, and there are two popular models: Action Units (AUs) and the Valence-Arousal space (V-A space) that have been widely used. However, most of the databases for estimating V-A intensity are captured in laboratory settings, and the benchmarks "in-the-wild" do not exist. Thus, the(More)
A new inspection system, consisting of two procedures for the authentication of coins, is proposed in this paper. In the first procedure, optimum image-matching positions are found by minimizing the matching error of the test coins with their prototype coins. The second procedure is the decision-making process that inspects the coins as genuine or spurious(More)
INTRODUCTION RPP (Reduced Programming Prototype) is a system that a.l10WSinterface designers to prototype user interfaces with little or no programming by allowing interactive definition of interface objects, flow of control, constraints between objects, and an interface to the application [1]. As the designer specifies the user interface, RPP builds and(More)
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