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The leasing of idle computing resources over the net is one way to motivate more participants to join the grid computation initiative. Since the participating parties are independent bodies, negotiation activities are required. In this research, we propose a new automated negotiation mechanism that allows each party to reach an agreement. The mechanism(More)
The problems associated with current automated negotiation approaches are of little feasibility in practical industry applications. This paper describes a new method that combines a game theory approach and a co-evolutionary approach to support an effective negotiation model for agents to resolve conflict. Under this proposed method, the agents without(More)
One of the central issues in facilitating mobile teamwork is the creation and establishment of teams from autonomous agents. It is widely accepted that team building assumes an expression of, and agreement on, common interests. This paper describes a new approach to the provision of mechanisms to facilitate the creation of teams and to help resolve conflict(More)
Keywords: Travel portal Service-oriented architecture Service-oriented engineering platform (SOEP) Travel alliance a b s t r a c t A service-oriented travel portal is proposed to realize a classic business model with SOA paradigm. It provides tourists with composite travel packages through dynamic composition among travel-related services from distributed(More)
• We have designed and developed a new customized cloud platform for e-learning. • We have designed and developed a new cloud framework to model mechatronic devices. • We have evaluated the system with users and teachers in the field. • The proposed system is the first cloud based e-learning system for mechatronics. a b s t r a c t This paper describes(More)
It is not uncommon for negotiating agents to involve complex utility functions in the negotiation process. To search for an optimised solution in a large and complex space can be very time consuming. The choice of appropriate parameter settings for searching methods can have significant impact on the negotiation result. In this paper, we report a series of(More)