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Executive Summary While Austin has a sizeable network of bicycle lanes, traditional bicycle facilities at intersections are often inadequate and can lead to unsafe interactions between motorists and bicyclists. One potential tool to alleviate this problem is the bicycle box. This device is intended to improve the predictability of bicyclist stopping(More)
Executive Summary Census data and research surveys have shown that the number of trips made by bicycle in Austin is increasing. While Austin has a sizeable network of bicycle lanes, many gaps remain where roadways are too narrow to accommodate separated facilities. It is a considerable challenge to retrofit existing roadways to accommodate bicycles, so a(More)
The laboratory performance of recently proposed new architectures for optical communication through distorting media is investigated. After phase-conjugating a weak beam with a mutually incoherent source a power amplification with a gain factor of 500 was demonstrated. The amplified beam can be employed for distortion-free optical communication by direct(More)
The existing observational data for the binary pulsar PSR 1913 + 16 are sufficient to give a rather well-defined model for the system. On the basis of evolutionary considerations, the pulsar must be a neutron star near the upper mass limit of 1.2 solar masses (M.). The orbital inclination is probably high, i>/= 700, and the mass of the unseen companion(More)
The basic principle and experimental results of applying a specific contact screen for performing multiplex holographic filtering in a real-time coherent optical correlator are presented. The specific design and fabrication of a 1- and 2-D gray density contact screen as well as a 2-D dichromated gelatin phase screen are described. The 2-D density-type(More)
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