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In this paper, an ultra-wideband down-conversion resistive ring mixer is designed using the mixed-mode TSMC CMOS 0.18-mum technology. This mixer down-converts RF signals in the range of 1-11 GHz to fixed IF of 500MHz using LO signals at 500MHz higher than the corresponding RF frequencies. The conversion loss within this band is 7plusmn0.5dB. The input 1dB(More)
Telomerase is a specialized ribonucleoprotein polymerase that directs the synthesis of telomerase repeats at chromosome ends. Accumulating evidence has indicated that telomerase is stringently repressed in normal human somatic tissues but reactivated in cancers and immortal cells, suggesting that activation of telomerase activity plays a role in(More)
  • R euroblastoma, Jen Lin, +6 authors Alice L. Yu
  • 2010
Neuroblastoma is a common childhood tumor and accounts for 15% of pediatric cancer deaths. To investigate the microRNA (miRNA) profile and role of Dicer and Drosha in neuroblastoma, we assessed the expression of 162 human miRNAs, Dicer and Drosha in 66 neuroblastoma tumors by using real-time PCR methods. We found global downregulation of miRNA expression in(More)
Recent studies conducted in patients with chronic diseases have reported an inverse association between body mass index (BMI) and mortality. However, the question as to whether BMI may predict prognosis in patients with metastatic cancer remains open. We therefore designed the current retrospective study to investigate the potential association between BMI(More)
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