Jen-Chieh Ou

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With the increasing functionalities in modern SoC design, the need for dense embedded memory is growing. The test issue for this high density embedded DRAM (eDRAM) macro in a complex integration environment is becoming an important issue. In this work, we propose a single-instruction based programmable memory BIST for testing an eDRAM macro. Based on our(More)
Design complexity is increasing with every technology generation, causing verification tools to require large amounts of resources. In this paper, we develop a technique to reduce the complexity of verifying digital designs described in a Hardware Description Language (HDL). For a given property to be verified, we derive an HDL executable design slice that(More)
by Jen-Chieh Ou Modern complex digital systems are described in Hardware Description Language (HDL). The increase in design complexity is causing verification tools to require large amount of resources. In this research, we present a program slicing technique to extract statements from an RTL design that directly or indirectly contribute to a formal(More)
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