Jen Carter

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BACKGROUND Controversy persists about the optimal approach to drug-based control of schistosomiasis in high-risk communities. In a systematic review of published studies, we examined evidence for incremental benefits from repeated praziquantel dosing, given 2 to 8 weeks after an initial dose, in Schistosoma-endemic areas of Africa. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL(More)
Although several bacteria are currently used as possible indicators of human pathogens in sewage-polluted sea water, they are often viewed as inadequate and especially inadequate as indicators of viral pathogens. This study investigates the distribution of Bacteroides fragilis and closely related Bacteroides spp. and their associated bacteriophages in sea(More)
Diabetes mellitus is a serious complication following organ transplantation that is underdiagnosed, possibly due to the inadequate definitions used in published literature and the lack of standardized screening. Diabetes in transplantation amplifies the already increased risk of cardiovascular disease among transplant patients, and increases the risk of(More)
Garlic may play an invaluable role in the prevention and therapy of the major causes of death. Anecdotal, basic, and clinical research data are confirming the efficacy of this herb in the treatment of hyperlipemia, cancer, heavy-metal intoxication, infectious diseases, hypertension, free-radical damage, and immune deficiency states. Garlic's broad(More)
A retrospective study of lymph node biopsy specimens from nine patients with the clinical findings and histologic features of cat scratch disease was undertaken to determine whether the recent report by Wear et al. that pleomorphic bacteria are present in the lymph nodes of cat scratch disease could be confirmed. In seven of our nine cases, pleomorphic(More)
The history of human and veterinary anaesthesia is both intertwined and parallel. Physicians and anaesthetists often first experimented on animals and developments from human anaesthesia have been incorporated into veterinary medicine. Within veterinary medicine, anaesthesia is a specialty discipline as it is in human medicine. Veterinary anaesthetists(More)
This outline is based on dietary advice, regular exercise, diabetes education (including glucose monitoring) and, if necessary, an oral hypoglycaemic agent or insulin. Precipitating factors such as dietary indiscretions, infections, drugs, thyrotoxicosis and haemochromatosis should be sought, and associated cardiovascular risk factors such as obesity,(More)
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