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BACKGROUND Primary cricopharyngeal dysfunction (PCD) is a rare, idiopathic, functional disorder of the upper esophageal sphincter, characterized by dysphagia, frequent aspiration, and functional narrowing at the level of the upper esophageal sphincter. METHODS Five of 29 patients with oropharyngeal dysphagia were found to have PCD. Patients presented with(More)
BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIMS In 1981, the authors introduced balloon catheter dilation for postoperative gastric outlet stenosis and later for peptic, corrosive and postvagotomy gastric outlet stenosis. This retrospective study evaluates the effectiveness, safety and outcome of balloon catheter dilation in these various indications. PATIENTS AND METHODS(More)
A gastric tumor was found in a 64-year-old woman who later developed flushing, tachycardia, headache, and lacrymation. The plasma pancreatic polypeptide (PP) level was 700 times normal values, and the majority of the tumor cells were immunoreactive to PP antiserum. Symptoms were alleviated, and PP levels fell after embolization of the hepatic artery for(More)
The application of covered metallic stents in the treatment of benign strictures and perforations is still in the early stages, because their removal is difficult and may cause tissue proliferation. The therapeutic effect and the efficiency of a new method for the extraction of a removable metallic stent were examined in three patients treated for(More)
PURPOSE This study involved a prospective evaluation of the results of the balloon catheter dilation of lower gastrointestinal stenoses. METHODS First a guide-wire was introduced into the stenosis followed under x-ray control by a double-lumen balloon catheter, or directly through the endoscope a balloon catheter, with progressive dilation under pressures(More)
BACKGROUND The management of gastric outlet obstruction with expandable metallic stents is difficult and frequently is associated with late complications. A new, flexible, covered metal stent has been developed, which may be suitable for treatment of patients with recurrent malignant strictures after gastric surgery. METHODS The stainless-steel stent is(More)
Stenosis of the hypopharyngo-oesophageal junction can be a rare complication of laryngectomy and/or partial pharyngectomy and makes the insertion of voice prosthesis extremely difficult. This study describes the authors’ experiences gained by endoscopic balloon-catheter dilatation of hypopharyngo-oesophageal stenoses prior to implantation of voice(More)
INTRODUCTION During the past years a dramatic change has been observed in the epidemiology of Clostridium difficile infections. AIM The aim of the authors was to investigate the possibility of the fecal microbiota transplantation and study differences, if any, in the success rate of the two different upper gastrointestinal tract method. METHOD 100 ml of(More)
The primary cricopharyngealis achalasia (PCA) is a very uncommon functional disorder of the upper oesophageal sphincter (UES) characterized by dysphagia, frequent aspiration, and impaired relaxation of the UES. It should be differentiated from diseases of neuromuscular and ENT origin, from organic causes and other types of cricopharyngeal dysfunction. On(More)