Jemma Vickery

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We detect short-range surface plasmon-polariton (SR-SPP) resonances setup in individual silver nanoantenna structures at high-spatial resolution with a scanning, subnanometer electron probe. Both even and odd multipolar resonant modes are resolved up to sixth order, and we measure their spatial distribution in relation to nanoantenna structures at energies(More)
The resemblance between colloidal and molecular polymerization reactions is very useful in fundamental studies of polymerization reactions, as well as in the development of new nanoscale systems with desired properties. Future applications of colloidal polymers will require nanoparticle ensembles with a high degree of complexity that can be realized by(More)
Three glass-ionomer cements, mixed at room temperature and cold mixed, were evaluated for film thickness at different powder to liquid ratios. Film thickness was measured at 1, 2, and 3 minutes after mixing was initiated. The relative accuracy of the manufacturer's volumetric dispensing systems was also measured. For two of the three cements tested, cold(More)
Differential scanning calorimetry was used to evaluate the effects of polymerizing conditions and the addition of pigments for a heat-activated maxillofacial silicone (MDX 4-4515). Unpigmented specimens were examined in the starting condition and after polymerizing at 100 degrees C for 1 hour, 4 hours, and 20 hours, and specimens of four different pigmented(More)
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