Jemerson Damásio

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Several techniques and algorithms for impact analysis of software systems have been recently published in literature. Most of them, however, are not practical enough to be applied in the software industry because, among other reasons, they produce too many false results (either positive or negative). In this paper, we propose and evaluate the use of two(More)
Empirical research in architecture recovery suffers from a lack of open scientific environments for experimentation. Moreover, used tools generally suffer from interoperability issues, either being too languagespecific or requiring the use of a variety of data exchange formats. This paper describes Design Suite, a toolset that targets these issues and is(More)
Design structure matrices (DSMs) are useful to represent high-level system structure, modeling interactions between design entities. DSMs are used for many visualization and abstraction activities. In this work, we propose the use of an existing DSM clustering algorithm to recover software architecture module views. To make it suitable to this domain,(More)
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