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This paper presents the analysis of motion of a redundant anthropomorphic arm during the writing. The modeling is based on the separation of the prescribed movement into two motions: smooth global, and fast local motion, called distributed positioning (DP). The distribution of these motions to arm joints is discussed. It is based on the inertial properties(More)
E-services are used as the cornerstones for modelling interaction points of cooperating IT systems, within and between enterprises. So far, research and development of e-services have mainly focused on an operational perspective, such as the development of standards for message exchanges and service coordination. However, on a strategic level, the success(More)
Composition of software services is a fundamental part in supporting enterprise business processes. Designed properly, executable processes can be used to closely support business processes by the integration of existing software services. In order to support business processes the design of the executable process must closely follow the business events and(More)
From a strategic enterprise perspective, the success of e-services depends on their ability to work as a medium for the exchange of business values. Thus, there is a need to be able to describe and analyze business collaborations in a structured way, in order to identify the needs and appropriate offerings of the participating actors. To model business(More)
Business strategy lays out the plan of an enterprise to achieve its vision by providing value to its customers. Typically, business strategy focuses on economic value and its relevant exchanges with customers and does not directly address consumer values. However, consumer values drive customers' choices and decisions to use a product or service, and(More)
From the business perspective, one of the core concerns within Business-IT alignment is coordinating strategic initiatives and plans with Information Systems (IS). However, while substantial work has been done on linking strategy to requirements for IS development, it has usually been focused on the core value exchanges offered by the business, overlooking(More)
In this paper we discuss the problem of how to go from a business model to a process model in a systematic way. Business models are economic models used for business analysis, while process models capture low-level business activities and their coordination. We propose a method that starts with a business model where the main actors and their relationships(More)
Sladjan Maras is Vice President of Gartner Information Technology Research and Advisory Company. Mr. Maras leads the Enterprise Architecture business in EMEA at Gartner Consulting with focus on ensuring business impact when applying EA with Gartner's key clients. He is responsible for business development, delivery, and management of engagements with key(More)