Jelena T Petrović

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5-Hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) is an important molecule in the brain that is implicated in mood and emotional processes. In vivo, its dynamic release and uptake kinetics are poorly understood due to a lack of analytical techniques for its rapid measurement. Whereas fast-scan cyclic voltammetry with carbon fiber microelectrodes is used frequently to monitor(More)
During inner ear development, Notch exhibits two modes of operation: lateral induction, which is associated with prosensory specification, and lateral inhibition, which is involved in hair cell determination. These mechanisms depend respectively on two different ligands, jagged 1 (Jag1) and delta 1 (Dl1), that rely on a common signaling cascade initiated(More)
Notch signaling plays a crucial role during inner ear development and regeneration. Hes/Hey genes encode for bHLH transcription factors identified as Notch targets. We have studied the expression and regulation of Hes/Hey genes during inner ear development in the chicken embryo. Among several Hes/Hey genes examined, only Hey1 and Hes5 map to the sensory(More)
OBJECTIVES We hypothesized that the impact of distinct anesthetic regimens could be differently expressed during anesthesia and on post-anesthesia sleep in the neurodegenerative diseases. Therefore, we followed the impact of ketamine/diazepam and pentobarbital anesthesia in a rat model of the severe Parkinson's disease cholinergic neuropathology on the(More)
The development of the inner ear provides a beautiful example of one basic problem in development, that is, to understand how different cell types are generated at specific times and domains throughout embryonic life. The functional unit of the inner ear consists of hair cells, supporting cells and neurons, all deriving from progenitor cells located in the(More)
In order to extend and confirm our previous studies of in vivo behaviour of 99mTc-DMS in rat kidney cells, the intracellular localization of 99Tc-DMS complex in rat kidney tissue was examined. Animals were injected IV with 99Tc-DMS solution (37 kBq in 1.0 ml) 2h before killing. Dissected kidneys were homogenized and submitted to differential centrifugation(More)
The CIAO Study ("Complicated Intra-Abdominal infection Observational" Study) is a multicenter investigation performed in 68 medical institutions throughout Europe over the course of a 6-month observational period (January-June 2012).Patients with either community-acquired or healthcare-associated complicated intra-abdominal infections (IAIs) were included(More)
Severe secondary peritonitis is diagnosed in only 20–30% of all patients, but studies to date have persisted in using a standard fixed duration of antibiotic therapy. This prospective, double-blind, multicenter, randomized clinical study compared the clinical and bacteriological efficacy and tolerability of ertapenem (1 g/day) 3 days (group I) vs ≥5 days(More)
Several ergot alkaloid derivatives have been tested for their ability to inhibit receptor binding of [3H]spiperone (D2 dopamine receptors) and [3H]dopamine (D3 dopamine receptors) in the bovine caudate nucleus. Dopaminergic activity was correlated to their chemical structure. The potencies of ergot alkaloids for displacing [3H]spiperone binding can be(More)
The immune synapse (IS) forms as dendritic cells (DCs) and T cells interact in lymph nodes during initiation of adaptive immunity. Factors that contribute to the formation and maintenance of IS stability and function have been mostly studied in T cells, whereas little is known about events occurring during synapse formation in DCs. Here, we show that DCs(More)