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In eukaryotic cells, both soluble transport factors and components of the nuclear pore complex mediate protein and RNA trafficking between the nucleus and the cytoplasm. Here, we investigated whether caspases, the major execution system in apoptosis, target the nuclear pore or components of the nuclear transport machinery. Four nucleoporins, Nup153, RanBP2,(More)
  • Jelena Mirkovic, Erinc Arikan, Songjie Wei, Sonia Fahmy, Roshan Thomas, Peter Reiher
  • 2006
— This paper addresses the critical need for a common evaluation methodology for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) defenses. Our work on developing this methodology consists of: (i) a benchmark suite defining the necessary elements of DDoS attack scenarios needed to recreate them in a testbed setting, (ii) a set of performance metrics for defense(More)
DoS defense evaluation methods influence how well test results predict performance in real deployment. This paper surveys existing approaches and criticizes their simplicity and the lack of realism. We summarize our work on improving DoS evaluation via development of standardized benchmarks and performance metrics. We end with guidelines on efficiently(More)
BACKGROUND Mobile phones and tablets currently represent a significant presence in people's everyday lives. They enable access to different information and services independent of current place and time. Such widespread connectivity offers significant potential in different app areas including health care. OBJECTIVE Our goal was to evaluate the usability(More)
Reflectance and fluorescence spectroscopies have shown great promise for early detection of epithelial dysplasia. We have developed a clinical reflectance spectrofluorimeter for multimodal spectroscopic diagnosis of epithelial dysplasia. This clinical instrument, the FastEEM, collects white light reflectance and fluorescence excitation-emission matrices(More)
Many desirable network security features require new functionality in routers. Using programmable routers is an attractive approach to testing such security functionality and may serve as an easy path to deploying it. This paper describes an Intel IXP implementation of a protocol designed to help combat IP source address spoofing. It describes the problem(More)
A strategy for spectroscopy tissue diagnosis using a small number of wavelengths is reported. The feasibility to accurately quantify tissue information using only 16 wavelengths is demonstrated with several wavelength reduction simulations of the existing esophageal data set. These results are an important step for the development of a miniaturized, robust(More)