Jelena Milojkovic

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In five studies with overlapping designs and intents, subjects predicted a specific peer's responses to a variety of stimulus situations, each of which offered a pair of mutually exclusive and exhaustive response alternatives. Each prediction was accompanied by a subjective probability estimate reflecting the subjects' confidence in its accuracy--a measure(More)
Linked Open Data (LOD) is a growing movement for organizations to make their existing data available in a machine-readable format. There are two equally important viewpoints to LOD: publishing and consuming. This article analyzes the requirements for both sub-processes and presents an example of publishing statistical data in RDF format and integrating the(More)
To improve transparency and public service delivery, national, regional and local governmental bodies need to consider new strategies to openning up their data. We approach the problem of creating a more scalable and interoperable Open Government Data ecosystem by considering the latest advances in Linked Open Data. More precisely, we showcase how an(More)
ICT and energy are two economic domains that became among the most influential to the growth of modern society. These, in the same time, due to exploitation of natural resources and producing unwanted effects to the environment, represent a kind of menace to the eco system and the human future. Implementation of measures to mitigate these unwanted effects(More)
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